About Abi

Hello! I’m Abi Olayiwola, a foodie, trained food technologist and a food photographer.

I am a mum of two with a full-time job, and time is one of my main constraints; so I always look for quick and healthy recipes to see my family through the week. I will be sharing some of those recipes on this blog.

I have recently decided to cut out meat from my diet, which was a bit of a challenge at first because of my Nigerian origin, and the type of meals we typically eat. I now pay more attention to the “fruit and vegetable aisles” (and freezers) at my local store. I am still amazed by the wide array of “stuff” that I used to ignore; and the delicious meals that I could prepare with them.

On this blog, I will share nutritious, quick, and easy to whip-up recipes, using natural ingredients. I will use canned and frozen foods when necessary, for convenience. I want to show you how accessible it is to prepare these dishes after a long day at work; and hopefully inspire you to try new things.

I believe recipes are just a guide to preparing a meal. You can make a recipe yours by adapting it to suit your taste. I know some people are “precious” about some traditional recipes, but when recipes are modified to suit personal tastes, it becomes more widely accessible. I will encourage you to adapt my recipes, and sometimes point out substitutes for ingredients so you can prepare a meal with what is available around you.

My recipes will be from different parts of the world, with influences from my Nigerian heritage; and focus on ingredients available to me locally. There will be plenty of vegetables and herbs; some fruits, sea food and fish; but absolutely no meat!

Join me as I go on this journey, I hope I inspire you to cook something different today.

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