About Abi

Hello! I’m Abi, a foodie, trained food technologist and a food photographer.

I work in the research & development sector in the day, and writes recipes at night. My focus is creating delicious, healthy African recipes which are simple and approachable. These recipes range from traditional African recipes inspired by my Nigerian heritage; as well as internationally inspired dishes with Afro-Caribbean twists.

I am excited by African cuisine, and want to correct the misconception that it is unhealthy or difficult to prepare. I am a mum of two with a full-time job. Time is one of my main constraints; so I look for quick, simple and healthy recipes to see my family through the week. I always find African foods which tick all these boxes; and this is what I want my readers to experience.

I believe recipes are just a guide to preparing a meal. You can make a recipe yours by adapting it to suit your taste. I know some people are “precious” about some traditional recipes, but when recipes are modified to suit personal tastes, it becomes more widely accessible. I will encourage you to adapt my recipes, and sometimes point out substitutes for ingredients so you can prepare a meal with what is available around you.

I live in the UK and try to use what is locally available as much as possible. I use canned and frozen foods when necessary, for convenience, with guaranteed amazing taste. I want to show you how accessible it is to prepare African dishes and hopefully inspire you to try new things.

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